Pipe And Protest, Chicago’s NoDAPL

By @BoxCrows

On Saturday, the 12th of November, Chicago saw a great intersectional protest. There were Feminists, Black Lives Matter activists, LGBT activists, Libertarians, Socialists, Anarchists, Revolutionaries, Mass media and concerned citizens. The protesters’ objective was to curb the construction of the North Dakota Access Pipeline and to show solidarity and support the often overlooked and fetishized Native American people.

The question I ask you is- Where have our values gone? There seems to be two main value systems in play in our country today: those that value isolationism, individualism, money, white power, militarism or those that value the lives of the poor, human rights, community, immigrants, marginalized people. Which side are you on? What kind of country have we become? Some people are ruled by fear or hatred right now and some are smug. They have nothing to fear, things are merely going according to plan for them. They peer down on us from skyscrapers, they fly over us on their jet planes, they giggle about us in their mansions and country clubs, they scoff at us when they see us march because we are an inconvenience or we can be used and it is only because they allow it that we are allowed to march.

Our Government wants to build a pipeline. It has already begun to be built. Those that don’t want the pipeline see it as an abuse in a long history of abuse, it is a sign of disrespect, a greedy, self interested misstep and a disaster just waiting to happen. No pipes are perfect, they will leak and they will burst and when that happens, who will suffer? We are over-ruled by fear and hatred.