The Role of Anarchism in the Anti-Fascist Movement

Anarchism is the conviction that authority is not self-justified. Over the next four years we will see a considerable amount of time and effort put into rebuilding the corporate democratic party in the United States and party politics around the world. Time and effort which have not proven worthy.

Anarchists would ask you to reconsider placing your hope in party leaders and instead look with love to the people around you: your family, neighborhood and community of those who share with you the key ingredient of having compassion for others.

As fascism rises and if persecution comes they will be the ones to defend you. When hard times come, the members of this compassionate community will be the ones that work to raise your quality of life. As we speak, anarchists are taking to the streets, they are organizing and networking. They are strengthening sustainable communities and building a federation of like minded groups and communities around the globe.

In moments of despair and in moments of hope, look towards your friendly neighborhood anarchists.


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