Fuck Stevie Hawking’s Garbage Idea

Fuck Stevie Hawking’s Garbage Idea

by Seven Raspberries

It isn’t AI we need to be concerned about, it is the ability of algorithms for marketing and propaganda becoming more and more adept at capturing our attention and conditioning our consciousness.

We are happily handing over the reigns of our free will to ever more exacting manipulation by a small group of techno elites. Who themselves will be victims to this exacting manipulation, no one will be able to escape the pull and power of these tools of control, unless one abandons human society entirely.

Stephen Hawking is calling for a world government to control potential dangerous advances in AI. His idea for some world governing body, some ever greater and more powerful central control over humanity is the wrong direction for us to be heading and a greater danger than any fantastical AI threat. In fact, if we are concerned of the capabilities of the power of these tools this would only further empower “them” over humanity.

We must be diversifying and localizing control over our communities and opening up the code and hardware of these tools to the tinkering of anyone who is interested.

It will be the owners and programmers of these tools of control who will rule the world. And anyone without control over them will be controlled by them.

These manipulative controls are in fact too powerful for any form of centralized power. Our only hope as a species is Direct Democracy rising out of communities and local affinity groups. Localized direct democracy is the only way for democracy to survive, and moreover for consciousness and free will as we understand and value it to survive.


Photo: “Stephen Hawking, painted portrait _DDC2386” by thierry ehrmann is licensed under CC BY 2.0