Cell eating locusts, locust eating cells, or the other way around

Artwork and Essay by Seven Raspberries

“Sometimes cells become ‘corrupt’ and start spreading without regard for their neighbours or the organism as a whole. You might say we as cells in the earth-organism have become corrupted by a domineering culture and are behaving the same way, having forgotten our role within the whole of nature.”


The analysis of the healthy cell versus the mutant cell is a good way to understand the whole of humanity, to see its movement, its fluctuations.

But I prefer to see it as healthy cells or healthy locusts.

As cells increase in number, as an animal increase in size, the cells slow down. The processes the cells control slow down. As the system scales up it slows down.

Locusts on the other hand are quite the opposite. As grasshoppers increase in number they become agitated, they begin to move faster, consume more, they turn themselves into a swarm of locusts. This is how humanity is presently acting. Desperately racing to produce produce produce so we aren’t devoured by the locusts behind us, so the system doesn’t crush us.

Humanity is trapped in the locust state at the moment. As humans are crowded together they begin to move faster and faster. They become increasingly agitated, they need to consume more. If we stop the system will crush us, we will be kicked out into the streets, and no one will help you. People freeze on the streets of major cities around the world, they die of thirst.

This is the locust state. We, humanity need to find a way to the cell state. The state of being where we begin to slow down as we scale up. Is this possible?

As cells we have a chance to be a world of intelligent independent actors, autonomous agents, working together as a whole. as locusts we race to not be devoured and cannibalized by the locusts behind us.