Sun Tzu and the Bar fight

By Seven Raspberries

Years ago, on my way to starting a spontaneous demonstration with a couple old friends, we were heckled for our desecrated american flags and I engaged only to be held back by my wiser more measured friend. “We are on our way to a battle, we don’t need to be getting into street fights.”

It was an illuminating moment and an important lesson. These men could have derailed what was to become a massive demonstration that required the full force of the city’s police, for a small yelling match that may have devolved into a street fight at best.

It seems like the Left is finding itself in this same position, but in broader terms and I do fear that this time it isn’t just some drunk assholes on the side of the street but an intentional effort to marginalize the efforts of potential revolution.

There is a path of right action that is not unpopular that can address present injustice and establish the framework and structure for a future better world.

The Left is being tricked into exchanging defensible positions and winning a revolution for indefensible unpopular ones to prove out our radical street cred, goaded by trolls financed by extremely wealthy backers, with the full force of hundreds of millions of psychological profiles and seas of bots, on top of the usual dumb ignorant trash who espouse hate and close mindedness. Being taken for a ride, further and further into self imposed marginalization. Trading rising up in revolution and winning a new world for winning canned arguments established and created for the Left to fight.

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