Amazon is Sending Cartoons to Whole Foods Managers to Better Help Manipulate Workers

A leaked cartoon released by amazon for training its managers at whole foods grocery stores suggests a strategy of manipulation to stop pro-union sentiments before they can spread.

Gizmodo reported that a leaked 45-minute cartoon for Amazon managers takes an “aggressive” stance to stop workers from organizing. According to Gizmodo, the video was sent to “Team Leaders” at Whole Foods grocery stores around the country, which Amazon now owns, and where workers have been considering unionizing.

It was reported that there is a section called ‘Warning Signs,'” which runs through examples of language and behavior that suggest “vulnerability to organizing, or early organizing activity.” Including workers voicing concerns on behalf of one another, and that managers should be alarmed when “associates who normally aren’t connected to each other are suddenly hanging out together”.

The cartoon talks about tactics and strategies to manipulate workers. “Amazon prefers a mild opinion expressed strongly. We frequently and proudly remind associates of the values of a direct working relationship, but we avoid anti-union rhetoric.”



Photo Altered From: “1994 Arby’s Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Collector Cards”by Mark Anderson is licensed under CC BY 2.0