Hacker Targets Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Account

A hacker briefly promised to livestream his bid to hack into Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account on Sunday, September 30th. “Broadcasting the deletion of Facebook founder Zuck’s account,” Chang Chi-yuan told his followers on Facebook, adding: “Scheduled to go live.” Though it was cancelled shortly thereafter.

Chang Chi-yuang says he reported the bug, cancelled the stream and that he’ll show proof once he collects a bounty from Facebook.

According to Bloomberg, the self-proclaimed bug bounty hunter is a minor celebrity in Taiwan who’s appeared on talk shows and was reportedly sued by a local bus operator after breaching their systems to nab a ticket for just 3 cents.

Earlier this month, Chi-yuan shared a screenshot showing an Apple Pay loophole he’d found that allowed him to pay $1 for 500 iPhones

In a post on his Facebook page, Chang said “I shouldn’t try to prove myself by toying with Zuck’s account.”


Photo: “Hacker Rene” by Ivan David Gomez Arce is licensed under CC BY 2.0