Girls In India Attacked for Resisting Sexual Advances

A large group of girls were attacked on the grounds of their boarding school in Saupaul district after standing up to a group of boys sexually harassing them. The girls were attacked by teenage boys and their parents. Thirty six have been hospitalized aged 10 to 14 as a result of the violence.

It all began when a group of teenage boys began making lewd comments to the girls. The girls argued with them and the boys seemed to back off and leave, but police say a group of the boys and some of their parents returned later and attacked the girls with bamboo sticks and iron rods. Police have arrested nine suspects.

“They dragged us by our ponytails, assaulted us with bamboo sticks and kicked and punched,” said Gudia, one of 36 girls who were treated in hospital after the attack. “We were totally unarmed and had nothing to protect us. I saw many of my friends lying on the ground and crying with pain.”

A local official said many of the girls were shaken and feared further violence.


Photo: “St Mary’s school in Ananthapur, India” by Heather Cowper is licensed under CC BY 2.0