Pro-privacy Search Engine DuckDuckGo Up 50% in a Year, 30 Million Daily Searches

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo announced that it hit 30 million searches a day only a year after reaching 20 Million. Hitting 10 Million searches a day took a full seven years, and then another two to get to 20 Million.

DuckDuckGo offers an alternative to Google that does not track and monitor users in order to target them with ads, and filter search results. When you search with DuckDuckGo you get unbiased results, outside of the filter bubble.

This year it expanded from its core search product to launch a tracker blocker to address wider privacy concerns people have by helping you keep more of their online activity away from companies trying to spy on you for profit.


Image: “DuckDuckGo logo” by DuckDuckGo