Brazil: Police Are Entering University Classrooms to Interrogate Professors

In advance of the presidential elections last week Brazilian police staged raids in universities across the country. In these raids, police questioned professors and confiscated materials belonging to students and professors.

For those worrying about Brazil, these raids are some of the most troubling signs yet of the problems the country faces.

Anti-fascist and pro-democracy speech is now interpreted as illegal political advertising. The politicization of these terms will hurt support for the idea of democracy, and bolster support for the idea of fascism.

The warrant-less police raids in university classrooms to monitor professor speech have worrisome echoes of Brazil’s 1964-1985 military regime. Now the Far-Right authoritarian Jair Bolsonaro has won the election, concern grows that these trends will continue.



Photo:“Interrogation” by Klearchos Kapoutsisis licensed under CC BY 2.0