56,800 Migrants Dead and Missing Since 2014

The Associated Press documented 56,800 migrants dead or missing since 2014 worldwide, almost doubling the number of dead or missing migrants found by the only official attempt to try to count them, the U.N.’s International Organization for Migration. The UN’s toll as of Oct. 1 was more than 28,500. The AP came up with an additional 28,300 dead or missing migrants by combining data from other international groups, forensic records, missing persons reports and death records, and sifting through data from migrant interviews.

Many experts still consider the counts to be too low. With thousands of migrant bodies likely undiscovered in deserts and oceans around the world.

Migration is up 49 percent since the turn of the century, with more than 258 million international migrants in 2017, according to the United Nations.



Photo: “Beds in the migrant shelter” by greensefais licensed under CC BY 2.0