Noam Chomsky Explains How ‘Criminally Insane’ Republicans Quietly Filed ‘The Most Evil Document In History’

In an interview with Scientific American, Noam Chomsky explains how Trump-era Republicans are “criminally insane.”

He points out Trump’s legal filing to build a wall around a golf course in Ireland to battle the threat of global warming, “while at the same time he withdrew from international efforts to address the grim threat and is using every means at his disposal to accelerate it.”

Chomsky details that the Trump administration filed to eliminate auto emissions standards arguing that “by the end of the century we’ll be over the cliff and automotive emissions don’t contribute very much.”

Chomsky described the filing as “the most evil document in history.” going on to describe the Republican “assumption being that everyone is as criminally insane as we are” and “let’s rob while the planet burns.”

Read the interview here.



Photo: “Noam Chomsky” by Andrew Rusk is licensed under CC BY 2.0