78 School Children Kidnapped From a School in Cameroon’s Anglophone Region Have Been Freed

The 78 students and three school officials were seized early on Sunday in the region’s capital, Bamenda.

The driver kidnapped with the children was also released, but the school’s principal and a teacher are still being held.

The government has accused separatists in the English-speaking region of being behind the kidnapping. Separatists have denied they were involved.

An Anglophone group, the Ambazonia International Policy Commission (AIPC), noted that the person recording the kidnapping video appears to have a poor grasp of English, the language spoken in the Anglophone area of the country.

One of the hostages, 17-year-old, Alain, said the kidnappers forced them to run after seizing them. He said that they were not mistreated and the captors gave them food.

English-speakers in Cameroon face discrimination and repression from Cameroon’s French speaking majority.



Photo: "006G Cam074 Vue générale de Bamenda dans l'ancien Cameroun anglais." by eLaboureur is licensed under CC BY 2.0