Kansas City Officials Dump Food Meant for Homeless

Kansas City Health Department officials threw away food that was prepared for the homeless Sunday evening. The officials stopped a group called “Free Hot Soup” at three locations.

In a call to KCTV5 News the group said health inspectors dumped out the food and covered it in bleach and told them to leave the parks.

Sick of looking and seeing people on the streets that were hurting volunteers with “Free Hot Soup,” organized to bring food and clothing to Kansas City’s homeless community.

“We have hats and gloves because it’s cold and they have no home,” explained Jennifer McCartney one of the groups participants. Some homeless depend on these meals.

Health inspectors showed up at Ilus Davis Park where the volunteers were serving a meal.

As many people waited in line to eat, a health department official started dumping food into plastic bags and poured bleach over the food. The health department said that’s normal practice to make sure no one eats discarded food.

Despite what happened the group continues their weekly route with the food volunteers have prepared.



Photo: “Big pot of lentil soup” by {| h.e.a.t.h.e.r |} is licensed under CC BY 2.0