Fears Grow for 19 Missing Human Rights Activists in Egypt

Early Thursday morning, Egyptian security forces entered 60-year-old Hoda Abdelmonem’s apartment. She is the legal adviser to the Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms, and they took her away and proceeded to trash her belongings.

Hoda Abdelmonem is a prominent lawyer and appeared regularly in court which means that if authorities wanted to arrest her they could do so easily without coming to her home.

“They wanted to send a message,” says a human rights activist, “if you speak out against the government, this is what will happen to you.”

She was one of 19 human rights activists swept up in one day by the regime, well known for its use of torture and the death penalty.

The location and fate of these activists is still unknown. One of the organizations hit hard by this crackdown is the ECRF, documents forced disappearances and the expanding use of the death penalty.

The former spokesperson for the ECRF was also arrested in the pre-dawn raids along with his wife Aisha Shatr.



Image: “Hoda Abdelmonem” by Anarchimedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0