Indigenous Community Celebrates Five Years of Autonomous Government in San Lorenzo Azqueltán, Jalisco

Mexico: On November 9th and 10th San Lorenzo Azqueltán celebrated five years of autonomous government. It is a Tepehuana and Wixárika town that five years ago decided to undertake the process of autonomous organization through direction action in response to the dispossession of lands and the ignorance of the government.

San Lorenzo Azqueltán is located twenty kilometers from the municipality of Villa Guerrero in Jalisco. The Indigenous peoples have been resisting for years reclaiming territory that has been taken away through deceit and violence. Thousands of hectares remain in dispute because of the government and large companies.

November 10th 2018 was the inauguration of the communal house of the autonomous government of San Lorenzo Azqueltán. Five years into the process, Wixárika and Tepehuana already have a space to continue organizing themselves.

A more comprehensive article about the celebrations can be found in Spanish here.



Photo: “Artesana Huichol” by Yohari Garcia Martnez is licensed under CC BY 2.0