Student Activists Detained in China for Supporting Workers’ Rights

Ten student Activist labor protesters have been detained. Activists were detained in at least five Chinese cities over the weekend as part of a crackdown targeting a rise in student activism, according one labor rights group.

Activists went missing in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan.

One activist, Zhang Shengye, who was kidnapped on the campus of Peking University, was leading the search for activists who had been previously detained

In August, 50 student activists went missing after police raided an apartment where they were staying. Students from Renmin University in Beijing and Nanjing University have disappeared or been placed under house arrest. Workers investigating conditions in a factory making shoes for Ivanka Trump’s brand were separately detained in May.

At least two members of a NGO supporting workers in Shenzhen, along with three members of a solidarity group and a number of other activists were also detained in the crackdown.



Photo: “China Armed Police Force” by Michael Mooney is licensed under CC BY 2.0