Google Driverless Taxi Service Could Launch Next Month

Google’s self-driving car company, Waymo, is reported to launch a driverless car service in early December, according to an unnamed source who spoke to Bloomberg. The launch will see Google’s self-driving car division offering rides from a new unnamed taxi company. The self driving cars are expected to launch in Phoenix Arizona, where they already operate a fleet of cars. It’s planned to be priced to be competitive with Uber and Lyft.

Offering paid rides is a big milestone for the service though the location is not set to change from the same 100 square mile area around Phoenix already used for testing today. Over time, availability and coverage areas are likely to increase.

Waymo’s plans for the service are reported to involve launching in various metropolitan areas across the US.



“Waymo self-driving car front view” by Grendelkhan is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0