Cadbury Is ‘Pushing Orangutans Towards Extinction by Wrecking Habitat for Palm Oil’

Cadbury chocolate, Oreos and Ritz crackers are accused of destroying more than one hundred thousand acres of orangutan habitat in just two years for palm oil.

Suppliers for food giant Mondelez International have destroyed almost 200,000 acres since 2016, analysis by Greenpeace claims, pushing Orangutans closer towards extinction. The areas razed to the ground include more than 50,000 acres of habitat in Indonesia that are home to the critically endangered orangutan.

Mondelez is one of the world’s biggest buyers of palm oil, it’s used it in many of its most popular products, including Cadbury chocolates, Oreos and Ritz crackers.

The investigation was carried out through mapping Indonesia, and it discovered that between 2015 and 2017, 22 of the company’s palm oil suppliers cleared almost 200,000 acres of rainforest. The report detailed the supply chains of the main brands that are responsible for the destruction, pointing to the producer of some of Britain’s favorite chocolates and snacks.

While Mondelez claims to have been purchasing entirely responsible palm oil since 2013, it uses what is by far the weakest certification model offered by the palm oil industry.

Campaigners have warned it’s now or never for Indonesia’s critically endangered orangutans, which are being killed at a rate of 25 a day as their habitats are bulldozed for palm plantations.



Photo: “Walk in the Oil Palm Concession” by H Dragon is licensed under CC BY 2.0