US Soldier Charged With War Crimes, Gunned Down Civilians, Stabbed an Injured Young Man to Death

Edward “Eddie” Gallagher a US soldier is accused of being a callous murderer who stabbed to death an injured young man, fired into crowds of civilians and shot a little girl running away from fighting, among other horrific allegations. Gallagher is facing 14 criminal counts, including premeditated murder for stabbing to death an injured young man brought for medical care by his platoon in Iraq, early 2017.

Gallagher is one of only two soldiers charged so far in connection with the young man’s murder. The other is Jacob “Jake” Portier, who wasn’t with Gallagher when the man was killed, but is accused of not to reporting the events to superiors in his chain of command. Portier has proclaimed his innocence and believes he will be exonerated as the person who brought the war crimes allegations to superiors.

Attorneys sought to cross-examine more than a half-dozen active-duty SEALs and a retired special operator only to be told they were not available or had invoked their rights against self-incrimination.

Evidence included videos on YouTube, helmet cam footage of the injured young man and US soldiers in a Mosul house, footage of Gallagher posing over the dead man and hunting trophy photographs of Gallagher, flashing a knife, and several other Navy SEALs posing with the murdered man.

The attempted murder charges come from two incidents of Gallagher firing on civilians. One when he shot an elderly man and the second when shot at a group of four young women. It’s unclear what happened to them, although one person told investigators that he was with Gallagher during the first incident when he saw the elderly man topple.

The Navy Times has declined to publish the names of the men who have invoked the right to silence and will not publish or describe in detail the images from Mosul.



Image: “Danger U.S. war crimes ahead” by Bird Eye is licensed under CC BY 2.0