Quebec: 56,000 Students on Strike for Paid Internships

Quebec: 56,000 students are on strike this week to demand to be paid for all internships. More than 30 students associations across Quebec will be on strike until November 24, large demonstrations are planned for Wednesday.

Student associations taking part in the coalition demand for all internships to be paid, regardless of department. If their demands are not met a general unlimited strike will be called.

Students from McGill University are on strike until the 23, and faculty from the School of Social Work announced classes are cancelled in solidarity with the students.

The majority of student associations that have signed on are from UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal) and are from French speaking schools, and as of now the only English student associations taking part are from McGill’s School of Social Work.

English speaking schools in Canada tend to have a larger portion of students from abroad than their French speaking counterparts. The students from abroad are more likely to keep a low profile, while local Canadian students tend to be more willing to organize.

Last winter 30,000 students came out on International Women’s Day to protest unpaid internships in fields dominated by women.