Transnational Federation of Couriers Founded

A major summit of 31 different collectives and unions gathered for an international couriers congress in Brussels in October 2018. Couriers from France, Italy, Finland, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium discussed common ideas, shared tactics, strategies and lessons from their local struggles and founded the Transnational Courier Federation.

Most of the couriers have been organizing under well known delivery services, while others have started their own delivery companies or developed cooperative apps. Some are members of works councils, others are organized in independent collectives, syndicalist unions; the IWW Couriers Network, Deliver union partnered with the German, FAU and Syndicom. The Germans and Austrians were partnered with larger unions, along with Norwegian couriers.

Debate between couriers was held horizontally and with live translations into English, Spanish, German and French.


Map detailing all organizations from across Europe who attended the summit



Featured Photo: “Industrial Workers of the World promoting their cause at a Justice for Terrance rally” by Fibonacci Blue is licensed under CC BY 2.0