More Than a Third of Women Who Commit Suicide Globally Are Indian Women

Research reveals in 2016, Indian women accounted for more than 36 percent of female suicides globally, while only being 18 percent of the female population.

Suicide has become the leading cause of death for Indian women ages 15 to 29 and India has the highest suicide rate among young women for countries with similar socio-demographics. This may be related to a clash between women’s aspirations and the rigidity of the social environment. Suicide rates are especially high in southern Indian states, where development and social advances have accelerated. While suicide rates in the more rural northern states are lower.

Deaths that occur due to suicide are also a product of the method used. In the ‘late modern west’ women attempt suicide more than men, but men are more likely to succeed. In India men and women tend to use the same, more fatal, methods.



Image: “Clinical” by littletinyshoe is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0