Human Rights Group Launches Global Day of Action Against Google’s Secretive Dystopian “Project Dragonfly”

Amnesty International has announced a campaign against Google, calling on the corporate goliath to cancel its plan to launch the dystopian censored search engine “Project Dragonfly” in China.

Amnesty launched a petition against Google and staged demonstrations outside of Google offices around the world. Amnesty said in statement that the censored search engine will “set a dangerous precedent for tech companies enabling rights abuses by governments.”

Amnesty protesters gathered in front of Google offices and targeted messages on LinkedIn, encouraging staff to sign a petition calling for Google to drop the secretive plans known as Project Dragonfly. The project would allow Goolge to blacklist search terms in China like “human rights,” “democracy,” “religion,” and “Tiananmen Crackdown.”

Google employees have gone public with their opposition to the tech giant’s plans to build a search engine for China’s dystopian censorship demands. According to a growing number of workers at Google, this kind of search engine is tantamount to enabling “state surveillance.”

A spoof video offering Google staff the chance to participate in Project Dragonfly ends with Google’s new motto: “Don’t be evil, unless it’s profitable.”



Image Adapted from: “Chinese Flag” by edward stojakovic is licensed under CC BY 2.0 and “Blue Dragon” by Earth-Bound Misfit, I is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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