Cops With College Educations Enforce the Law More Aggressively

A new study found that college educated cops were significantly more likely to pull over drivers for less serious violations:

  • 50 percent more likely than officers without a college degree to stop drivers for a moving violation other than speeding.
  • Three times as likely to perform consent searches of drivers or their vehicles.
  • Twice as likely to make arrests on discretionary grounds.

The findings are in line with a study on racial profiling from St. Louis in 2007. That study also found college-educated officers were more likely than others to search the vehicles they pulled over.

A study of the promotional ambitions of US cops shows that those with a bachelor’s degree are almost twice as likely to covet promotion as officers with only a high school diploma.



Photo: “It’s the Po Po…” by micadew is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0