Tens of Thousands Marching Against G20

The 2018 G20 is underway in Buenos Aires, countered by a march reported at well over 60,000 people, some reporting more than 100,000 protesters.



The protesters are against the G20’s failure to adequately address a broad range of issues, including climate change, poverty and hunger. There is a massive police presence, with riot police surrounding the marches and police helicopters flying overhead. Public transit in the city is largely shutdown. Arrests have already been made.


Several groups have voiced concerns about killings and persecutions of activists before the summit. Two activists from the Popular Confederation for Economy Workers (CTEP) were killed the week before the summit. The Confluence G20 IMF Out and the police brutality monitoring organization Correpi have said the police were responsible for the killings.

Protesters are also demanding justice for Santiago Maldonado, who disappeared while police were dispersing a protest last year. Three months later, his body was found. His death has prompted protests across the country.