Growing Unrest in France, Yellow Vest Demonstrations Shrouded in Tear Gas

Yellow vest protests continued for a third consecutive weekend of demonstrations sparked by recent gas taxes and expressing an underlying discontent widespread through the country. The yellow vest protests began November 17th and spread quickly over social media under the the hashtag #giletsJaunes. Demonstrations have been held every weekend.

Wearing the signature yellow vests, 36,000 protesters gathered in central Paris. 4,000 police were deployed and Paris was covered in intermittent clouds of tear gas and smoke from small impromptu barricades constructed around the city and the occasional car fire. Tear gas quickly filled the air as riot police attacked with high powered hoses, stub grenades, pepper spray, and an endless barrage of tear gas. Hundreds were arrested and injured.

Opinion polls have put public support as high as 70 percent for the protests. Demonstrations were held across Paris and across France. Other than riot police, the government appears unable to respond.



Photo: “IMG_0866” by Lennie Nicollet is licensed under CC by 2.0


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