India: Massive Protest Against the Indifference and Callous Attitude of the Government Towards Farmer’s Plight

On trains and tractors, 100,000 farmers arrived in New Delhi last week to protest against the indifference and callousness of the BJP government towards farmer’s plight. The protesters are demanding debt waivers for indebted farmers and a solution to the agrarian crisis. The agrarian crisis has led to the suicide of 300,000 Indian farmers in the last 20 years.

The demonstration may be the biggest so far over frustration with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP. In New Delhi, farmers were joined by progressives and other rights groups.

More than 300 volunteers, mostly students, worked for weeks to make the logistical arrangements for the hundred thousand farmers traveling to the city.

A similar march was organized in the state of West Bengal Wednesday, where 50,000 farmers marched and presented demands to the West Bengal governor. The protesters reject both the Trinamool Congress Party state government and the BJP central government for their anti-worker, anti-farmer positions.



Photo: “Down on the farm…” by Rajarshi MITRA is licensed under CC BY 2.0