CNN Fires Contributor for Defending Palestinian Rights

CNN fired one of their contributors, Marc Lamont Hill, on Thursday. The firing came one day after Hill made public statements in support of Palestinians and was critical of Israel, which were falsely interpreted as being anti-Semitic.

Hill rebutted those allegations stating, “I do not support anti-Semitism, killing Jewish people, or any of the other things attributed to my speech. I have spent my life fighting these things.” He continued, “My reference to ‘river to the sea’ was not a call to destroy anything or anyone. It was a call for justice, both in Israel and in the West Bank/Gaza. The speech very clearly and specifically said those things. No amount of debate will change what I actually said or what I meant.”

CNN is owned by Warner Media, one of six corporate media giants that own 90 percent of all cable and news media in the United States.



Photo: “Marc Lamont Hill [NSH]9” by flisadamp is licensed under CC BY 2.0