First Charter School Strike in U.S. History Begins

The first ever charter school strike in US history begins as Acero teachers walk out. The charter school teachers strike begins in the Acero network in Chicago involving some 500 teachers and staff at 15 Acero charter schools in the city.



In late October a vote to authorize a strike by Acero network teachers and staff was held with overwhelming support: 96 percent of union members turned out to vote, and 98 percent of those voted to back a strike. In the same week teachers at the Acero network voted to strike, teachers at four other Chicago International Charter School sites approved a strike by an overwhelming majority.

Teachers in the Acero network are fighting for many of the same issues that prompted the teachers in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona and Kentucky to strike. Teachers are demanding reduced class sizes, a shorter workday and compensation on par with teachers in the Chicago Public Schools.

Across the country, only 11 percent of charter school teachers are unionized.



Photo: “DSC00607” by Shutter Stutter is licensed under CC BY 2.0