French Government Bows to Pressure from Yellow Vest Protests

The French government concedes to protesters demands, suspends proposed fuel tax that triggered weeks of protests. The announcement represents a major change for French President Macron.

The yellow vest protests started on november 17th, and continued for three consecutive weeks with violent police repression, hundreds were arrested, thousands were injured as police used every tool short of firing bullets into the crowd to put down the demonstrations. All the while, the movement grew in popularity reaching above 70% support according to polls out of France.

The “gilets jaunes” or yellow vests protests have now grown to reflect more widespread anger with the government. The movement is called yellow vests for the high-visibility yellow clothing worn by the protesters. The vests are required to be carried in every vehicle by French law.

Prime Minister Philippe announced the concessions to protesters demands in a TV address, bowing to pressure from the protests, additionally an immediate freeze on gas and electricity prices will be instituted.

The yellow vest movement has grown via social media with supporters across the political spectrum without any recognized leadership. President Emmanuel Macron’s leadership has fallen in popularity sharply in recent months.



Photo: “gilets jaune drapeau bbr sur les champs elysees nov 2018” by KRIS AUS67 is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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