Babies Born With Arm Defects Prompt Nationwide Investigation in France

An inquiry has been launched following the discovery of 11 more cases of birth abnormalities in France.

Emmanuelle Amar, the whistleblower who raised the alarm over clusters of babies born with missing upper limbs in France has welcomed the government’s decision after she had been dragged through the mud and had her clinic’s funding cut in response to her concerns. She says more important than any impact this has had on her, she is happy the government has finally recognized the concerns of the families affected.

Amar gew concerned and raised the alarm when eight cases were reported of infants born without hands or arms in her area. The health authority tried to bury the health scandal until a further 11 suspected cases came to light in the Ain area near the Swiss border.

Genetic malformations have been ruled out as well as drug or alcohol related causes after interviews with the affected parents and their doctors.



Photo: “Grobidon” by Yohann Legrand is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0