So cute you could crush it?

Researchers exploring how and why cute aggression occurs hypothesized that there would be detectable related brain activity among people who reported experiencing cute aggression. Cute aggression is the feeling people get when they feel something is so cute, they want to “eat it up” or “hug it to death.” Researchers suggested the activity might be related to the brain’s reward system.

Based on the brain activity observed in participants who reported cute aggression, researchers’ findings offer direct evidence of both the brain’s reward system and emotion system being involved.

Researchers think that such an adaptation may have developed as a means of ensuring people are able to continue taking care of creatures they consider particularly cute.  

If you find yourself incapacitated by how cute a baby is, so much so that you just can’t take care of it, the baby is going to starve, Cute aggression might serve as a way of tempering mechanism so we can function and actually take care of something we might perceive as just too cute.

Researchers next hope to use electrophysiology to find a neural bases of cute aggression in different populations and groups.



Photo: “IMG_6984” by Ryan and Sarah Deeds is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0