Tear Gas and Water Cannons Hit Belgian Protesters Inspired by Yellow Vests

BRUSSELS- Hundreds inspired by France’s “yellow vests” movement took to the streets of Brussels, calling for the country’s leader to resign and protesting the rising cost of living.

Several hundred people, wearing the fluorescent safety vests drivers must carry in their vehicles, eventually converged on the office of prime minister Charles Michel.

The unauthorized demonstration began peacefully without leadership and largely promoted on social media, but when police tried to stop the people from approaching the prime minister’s office, many tried to break through police blockades. The police fired water cannons and tear gas to keep protesters from approaching the prime minister’s office. By the end of the day about 60 people had been arrested mostly for blocking roads.

The Yellow Vest protests began in France several weeks ago, November 17th. The yellow safety vests worn by the protesters must be carried by drivers, and came to signify the movement. The movement in France managed to win concessions from the government after several weeks of consecutive massive protests and has spread to other parts of Europe.



Photo: “Máscara de protección NBQ M6-87 del Ejército de Tierra de España” by Elentir is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0




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