AI Experts Issue Urgent Warning Against Facial Recognition Technology

“Artificial intelligence” continues to spread and with it a wide range of abuses: racial discrimination, police surveillance, and secrecy laws that hide biased code from the surveilled public.

One particularly technology, ‘affect recognition,’ has long alarmed experts in the field and now they have voiced this concern in a new report. ‘Affect recognition’ is a subclass of facial recognition technology that tries to detect things such as personality, inner feelings, mental state, focus and ‘worker engagement’ based on scanning a face. It can be used to make in depth personality profiles on every face it scans and could create a dystopian world like the one in “Minority Report.”

AI systems that can read people’s faces and emotions are intrinsically valuable to governments and corporations. Soon your boss will be watching you through a camera that uses machine learning to constantly assess your mental state. Police will use “affect recognition” to deduce your future criminality based on micro-expressions.



Photo: “Fraunhofer Face Finder” by Steve Jurvetson is licensed under CC BY 2.0





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