Chinese Media Says U.S. Is a ‘Despicable Rogue’ for Arresting Huawei Executive

Chinese media on Friday described Washington as a “despicable rogue” for its actions, saying the US is trying to “stifle” China by having a top executive at one of its major technology firms arrested.

Meng Wanzhou, CFO of China’s largest telecoms equipment maker, Huawei Technologies, was arrested in Canada on Dec. 1 as she changed planes for a connecting flight. Canada’s Justice Department said Meng was detained at the request of the United States for extradition. The government provided no reason for the request, but Canadian media reported she was arrested on suspicion of evading U.S. sanctions.

The Global Times, an English-language paper in China, said the incident illustrated a “U.S. tendency to abuse legal procedures to suppress China’s high-tech enterprises.” The newspaper, China Daily, claimed Meng’s arrest proved “the U.S. is trying to do whatever it can to contain Huawei’s expansion in the world simply because the company is the point man for China’s competitive technology companies.”

There was strong opposition to Meng’s arrest from the Chinese Embassy in Canada, calling the detention a “gross violation of human rights,” alleging the U.S. is “taking aim at the tech giant’s global market.”

John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser, said to NPR he wasn’t aware the arrest was taking place and he didn’t know if Trump knew about the pending arrest before it happened. Trump and Xi had agreed to a 90-day truce over additional tariffs in Buenos Aires.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried to distance himself from the events, saying he was advised of the situation, but “there was no engagement or involvement.” The Prime Minister claimed it was out of respect for the judicial process.



Photo: “Mobile World Congress 2017” by Kārlis Dambrāns is licensed under CC BY 2.0