French students protest at hundreds of schools for ‘Black Tuesday’

Students protested again in hundreds of French high schools, following protests last week and the Yellow Vest protesters who have taken the streets of Paris four successive weekends. Last week disturbing images of hundreds of children on their knees, with their hands bound with zip ties behind their backs and surrounded by riot cops were seen by the world.                 

Black Tuesday saw demonstrations at 500 schools while France’s education ministry said that 60 high schools were completely shut down for “Black Tuesday,” as the union of secondary school students called for protests.

More than 300 high schools were barricaded everyday last week amid scenes of police attacking students.

The students organized against president Macron’s plans to change the end-of-school exam and curriculum students can choose. They also demand the repeal of educational reforms, passed last year, that introduces stricter selection criteria for admission to universities. Students say the government’s actions breed inequality between rich schools and poor schools. They also oppose plans for mandatory national civil service for French youths, expected to be implemented in 2026.



Photo: “france-protests-181124_PARIS” by KRIS AUS67 is licensed under CC BY 2.0