Argentina: Ford Execs Guilty of Kidnap and Torture of Union Workers During Dictatorship

A Federal Court in Argentina ruled the ex-directors of the automaker Ford, Pedro Müller and Hector Sibila, were guilty in connection with kidnapping and torturing workers at the carmaker’s plant during the last military dictatorship.

It is the first sentence against directors of a multinational corporation for direct participation in crimes against humanity.

The case details collusion between Argentina’s state security forces and the businessmen during the country’s dictatorship. Both were accused of conspiring against union workers at the Ford factory, providing names, pictures, and home addresses to military officials. This information resulted in the abduction of 24 employees and union members.

All the victims were subjected to hours of torture, electric shocks and interrogation at the factory, then taken to military prisons. The two executives will serve their time in house arrest due to old age.



Photo: “Ford” by Mike Mozart is licensed under CC BY 2.0