Israeli Soldiers Shoot and Kill a Disabled Palestinian Man Videos Show It Was Clearly ‘Unjustified and Illegal’

Around 2 AM on December 4th, Israeli forces raided Tulkarem city, near the coffee shop where 22-year-old Muhammad Ihbali worked. An Israeli army spokesperson said Israeli forces were conducting a “search and arrest operation.”

Videos published on facebook show Ihbali walking a distance away from the soldiers his back turned to soldiers, when he suddenly falls down, face first into the pavement.

His family, who says he had a mental disability, said he succumbed to his wounds shortly after he arrived at the hospital.

He was the 28th Palestinian killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank in 2018. In Gaza, at least 171 Palestinians have been killed since the Great March of Return began on March 30th.

Israeli human rights organisation B’Tselem released additional footage which they said was proof Israeli forces were not under threat when they shot and killed Muhammad Ihbali.

Along with previously shared footage showing Ihbali with his back turned to Israeli forces when he was shot, the new videos confirm no clashes were going on at the time of Ihbali’s death.




Photo: “Israeli soldiers and settlers occupy streets of Hebron on mass on the weekly settler tour of Hebron’s old city. The militarized presence is felt all over the souk. . #HebronLife #israelioccupation #freepalestine #peace#love #apartheid #israel #occupation” by CPT Palestine is licensed under CC BY 2.0