Alabama Mall Shooting Protest Organizer Arrested

One of the organizers of protests over the shooting of an innocent man by an Alabama police officer last month has been arrested.

It’s the fifth time protesters have been arrested after the Nov. 22 shooting death of Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr by a Hoover police officer. Police claim to have shot Bradford Jr in a case of mistaken identity. Police initially said an officer shot Bradford Jr because he was seen “brandishing a handgun” while fleeing the scene.

The protesters want video of the shooting released.

Reports say 25-year-old activist Carlos Chaverst Jr was arrested Tuesday night during a demonstration at the Public Safety Center in Hoover where the shooting took place. The arrest was for charges from previous protests. It was not clear which protest prompted the arrest.



Photo: “Cop cars at the On-In” by Peter Long is licensed under CC BY 2.0