The FCC Just Gave Corporations Enormous Power to Block Text Messages They Find Controversial

The FCC is giving corporations enormous power to block messages they find controversial. By changing the classification of text messages from a telecommunications service to an information service, companies will be allowed to block and censor text messages.

Experts say this decision will do nothing to prevent spam, it is simply the latest move by FCC chairman Pai to put corporations above people.

A year ago, the FCC stripped net neutrality and reclassified ISPs as an “information service.” Now the FCC has voted to classify text messages the same way.

Classifying texting as an “information service” means a critical messaging tool will be subject to control and censorship. Wireless carriers can block text messages whenever they want. It serves wireless company’s interests, but not the user and opens the door to dangerous censorship.



Image: “Net Neutrality” by EFF Photos is licensed under CC BY 2.0