World’s First Electric Bus Fleet in Chinese Megacity

In Shenzhen, China’s fastest growing city, all 16,000 buses in the cities fleet are now electric, and soon every taxi of the 22,000 in the city will be electric too.

The diesel buses that once spewed thick clouds of smoke are no more, replaced with the first and largest 100% electric bus fleet.

Shenzhen now has 16,000 electric buses and is noticeably quieter because of it. Prompting many residents to request artificial noise so people can hear the buses and not get run down expecting to hear the usual belching rattling monsters rolling down the road.

Shenzhen is a growing megacity of 12 million. Once a small fishing village, in the 80s Shenzhen was designated as China’s first “special economic zone” and since then it has exploded. The benefits from the switch to electric buses is not simply less noise pollution. Shenzhen expects to achieve an estimated 48% reduction of CO2 emissions as well as cuts in nitrogen oxides and particulate matter.

In an effort to reduce the smog that envelops so many of China’s major cities huge investments have been made in electric transport.



Image adapted from: “Volvo7900e-OppChargeTrial-KentFastrack-P1440740” by Simon Smiler is in the Public Domain