Worldwide Bomb Threats, Cause Evacuations

A massive spam campaign sent bomb threats to hundreds of thousands of users around the world, causing buildings to be evacuated across several cities. According to two cyber security firms the campaign was carried out by the same group of spammers who had carried out a recent wave of sextortion scams.

“Multiple IPs involved in sending these bomb threats also sent various types of sextortion email that we saw in the previous campaign,” wrote Jaeson Schultz of Cisco Talos. All of the emails and the older sextortion campaigns came from the same IP space According to AppRiver.

The bomb threats threatened to detonate a bomb if the victim didn’t pay $20,000 worth of Bitcoin within a few hours. The spammers stopped sending the threats on Friday.

According to Cisco Talos, no one paid the ransom. Talos discovered 17 Bitcoin addresses in the extortion emails, but none of the wallets held any money.

It is still unknown how far this email has spread, but police departments and law enforcement agencies around the world have posted about the threats.



Image: “Malware Infection” by Blogtrepreneur is licensed under CC BY 2.0