Pro-Independence Protesters Attacked by Riot Police in Catalonia as Spanish Cabinet Holds Meeting

Thousands of pro-independence protesters blocked roads across Catalonia Friday ahead of a Spanish cabinet meeting in the region. Spain’s national police forces were sent in to control the population. Protesters saw the meeting and the presence of the national police as a provocation. Protesters around the building where the meeting was being held were attacked by riot police, scores of protesters were injured and dozens arrested.

Spain’s government announced a series of gestures meant to appease Catalonia and its independence movement, infrastructure spending for the region, and an increase in the national minimum wage, but protesters were unimpressed. The Catalan government, formed by a coalition of Catalan independence parties, called for the protests.

Some protesters wore yellow ribbons in support of nine jailed separatist politicians who are awaiting a trial for their part in last year’s push for independence.



Photo: “Shall we dance?” by Fernando Rojas is licensed under CC BY 2.0