Thousands Protest Austerity and Rising Prices in Cities Across Sudan, Several Killed, HQ of President’s Party Burned

Thousands have taken to the streets across Sudan, protesting austerity measures that have caused the price of bread and fuel to rise. The ruling party’s offices were burned in Atbara. The government has restricted the internet to stem protests. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have been blocked in the country.

The demonstrations began on Wednesday in Atbara, Ed-Damar and Berber, where police fired tear gas to break up large crowds of protesters. Now at least eight protesters have been killed. Sudan’s security forces have used deadly force to break up protests over price increases in the past. The government is expected to remove a number of subsidies, causing more price rises. The economy in Sudan has deteriorated in recent months with inflation at almost 70%.

Posts by activists on social media showed protests in towns and cities across Sudan. A video posted showed the headquarters of President Omar Bashir’s National Congress Party in Atbara engulfed in flames.



Image: “Sudan – Location Map (2011)” by OCHA is licensed under CC BY 3.0

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