Cops Push Doctors to Probe Man’s Rectum for Drugs

Cops in Syracuse New York, a city court judge and St. Joseph’s Hospital collaborated to sedate a suspect and thread a flexible tube into his rectum in a search of drugs. The suspect refused consent for the procedure.

X-ray examination had already indicated there were no drugs. Doctors resisted the cops request, they saw no medical need to perform an invasive procedure on a person against their will.

At one point, eight police officers were at the hospital. The hospital’s lawyers got involved, and talked with the judge who signed the warrant, written by police. The hospital’s lawyer told the doctors that a search warrant required the doctors to use any means to search for the drugs.

Hospital staff knocked him out and threaded the tube into him in search of evidence of a misdemeanor.



Image adapted from: “POLICE BRUTALITY” by CHRISTOPHER DOMBRES is in the Public Domain