Hungarians Rise up Against Anti-Worker ‘Slave Law’ and Growing Authoritarianism

Hungarians are out on the streets again protesting against the anti-worker ‘slave law’ and the increasingly authoritarian rule of prime minister, Viktor Orban.

Thousands of people have been demonstrating in Hungary over the past week. The new legislation, which the opposition is calling the “slave law,” allows companies to demand 400 hours of overtime a year.

The protests have become a platform for generalized anger at Mr. Orban, and his Fidesz party. Criticism has also come over a recently passed law allowing the government to establish new administrative courts that will oversee electoral law, protests and corruption issues.

More than 80% of Hungarians oppose the new labor law. The country’s trade unions had been silent in the face of increasing authoritarianism in the country, crackdowns on media and academia, but have now joined the protests.



Photo: “Rabszolgatörvény elleni tüntetés 2018.12.13.” by Atlatszo Foto is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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