Sudan Trade Unions Call for General Strike, Plan March to Presidential Palace

Sudan: Trade unions and activists plan to march to presidential palace on Tuesday. Unions are calling for a national general strike in protest over price hikes and worsening economic conditions, as doctors continue their indefinite strike. Doctors joined protests with a strike Monday but said they will continue to deal with emergencies as the deadly protests have continued for a week.

At least 22 people have been killed in the unrest that has swept across the north African country.

A surge in bread prices sparked the protests, but long standing public discontent over the economic and political policies of the government has strengthened the movement.

An umbrella coalition for professional unions has called for a march on Tuesday towards the presidential palace demanding President Omar al-Bashir step down. The coalition brings together syndicates and professional bodies representing doctors, lawyers, journalists, university professors and engineers.

In a statement published on Sunday, the coalition said it will demand the “president’s immediate resignation in response to the uprising by the Sudanese people… and the formation of a transitional government.”

On Sunday, after a football match in a suburb of Khartoum, fans leaving chanted slogans against the president and riot police responded by attacking them with tear gas and rubber bullets. Protests continued on Monday.

The Sudanese government has created limitations on internet access, blocking social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, and declared a state of emergency in a number of provinces. Students had begun to join the demonstrations, so the government suspended classes at schools and universities in an attempt to limit the escalation of protests.



Image adapted from “Sudan Grunge Flag” by Nicolas Raymond is licensed under CC BY 2.0