Global Stock Markets Plunge, Japan’s Sliding More Than 1,000 Points, London’s Hits Two-year Low

Markets plunged globally, Japan’s stocks plunged Tuesday, sending the Nikkei down more than 1,000 points to its lowest close in 20 months. The UK stock market has slumped to a new two-year closing low, on the final trading day before Christmas. The FTSE 100 dropped to its worst close since 2016, as US markets recorded the worst Christmas Eve ever and the worst December since the Great Depression.

Bear markets: in the United States, the Nasdaq closed in a bear market and the S&P 500 entered one on Monday. Germany’s DAX, China’s Shanghai Composite and Japan’s Nikkei have also entered bear market levels.

Analysts predict the market downswings have further to go. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 653 points, nearly 3%, to close at 21,792.20 the lowest close since September 2017.



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