Am I Being Tracked? Find Out Where and When Google Tracks You

Is Google tracking you? To check and see if your location history is enabled, go to your Google Maps Timeline. It will tell you whether your location history is on or off and let you enable or pause it.

Even if you disable location history, according to Google itself, depending on your individual phone and app settings they might still collect and use location data to improve “your Google experience.” This murky level of transparency has people seeking alternative search engines like Duckduckgo, which will not track you and store your data.

Disabling your location history won’t remove your past history. If you want to do that, click the gear icon in the bottom right corner of your Timeline map and select Delete all Location History.


Consumer groups have filed complaints against Google with regulators, accusing Google of covertly tracking users’ movements. The complaints brought up a study that concluded Google used “deceptive design and misleading information, which results in users accepting to be constantly tracked.”

It’s no secret that Google knows a lot about you. Their business model is reliant on data collection. Information gathered from everything you do through google: through search, the use of maps, and much more.

Google has all of your search history stored up.

How to delete it: Go to Google’s My Activity page. You can see your Google Activity from today. Click on Delete Activity By in the left hand column and then select Search from the drop-down menu.

If you want to stop Google tracking your searches, head to the activity controls page and switch tracking for ‘Web & App Activity’ off. Or better yet a good first step would be to stop using google search and give DuckDuckGo a try and consider an alternative to Gmail, google chrome, and maybe stop carrying around a cellphone all of the time like a fucking sucker. It is at least better than Google knowing exactly where you are all the time, knowing all of your accomplices, who you are talking shit about and having absolutely all of your information and quite possibly knowing you better than you know yourself.



Top image by Anarchimedia and bottom image: “20070819@beijing” by kanegen is licensed under CC BY 2.0